Mission Vehicles

Download the file and unzip it. Move the FS22_BetterContracts folder into the modSettings folder under FarmingSimulator2022/
Take attention, sometimes there is a modsSetting folder too with double sS. You need to copy in the modSettings with single S.
This folder is in the same FarmingSimulator2022/ folder where your mods folder located.
I already made the folder structure, you just simple copy FS22_BetterContracts folder in it. So your path after that is somthing like this:  
c:/Users/YOUR LOGIN NAME/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2022/modSettings/FS22_BetterContracts/FS22_WestEnd/userDefined.xml
If it’s not clear, please read more times and try to understand, if you asking me I can’t explain better than this.

If you done everything, you will see the mods in the missions. If you don’t see any contract with new vehicles, read from the begin and do it again, because you put the file in the wrong folder or the vehicles are missing from mods folder.

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